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Trail Hero

We're excited as we count the days to the Off Road Event of the year, held at Sand Hollow! October 2024

What can you expect at the Trail Hero Event?

Trail Hero is an exciting, multi-day off-roading event held annually in Southern Utah, known for its stunning red rock landscape and challenging trails.

Daily Rentals

Pick up and Drop Off

From October 1st through the 8th rent and ride ride from our location in a four seater Polaris RZR.


Event Shuttling

Our seasoned guides no there way around the dunes better than anyone.  Let us shuttle you to your viewing location.

Win Prizes!

Enter To Win

A few lucky winners will have a chance to win free VIP tickets valued at $150 each. 

Event Details

How Can You Hang With Us?

The Mad Moose team will be set up with all the offroad items you could need, including UTV parts, apparel and more

Diverse Off Roading Trails

  • Variety of Trails: Trail Hero caters to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced off-roaders. You’ll find trails that offer scenic beauty for a leisurely ride and others that provide challenging obstacles demanding skill and teamwork.
  • Scenic Beauty: The event takes place in one of the most picturesque off-roading locations in the country. Expect to traverse through landscapes filled with red rocks, canyons, and panoramic vistas.

Community & Camaraderie

  • Like-Minded Enthusiasts: Trail Hero is not just about the trails; it’s about the people. You’ll meet a diverse group of off-roading enthusiasts from all over the country. The event is a great place to share stories, learn from others, and make new friends.
  • Group Rides: Attendees are typically divided into groups based on the trail difficulty and type of vehicle. Each group is led by experienced trail leaders who ensure safety and offer guidance.

Events & Activities

  • Daily Rides: Each day offers new trails and adventures. You can choose which trails to tackle based on your interest and skill level.
  • Special Events: Beyond the trails, Trail Hero often features special events such as rock crawling competitions, vendor shows, and charity events. These provide a fun break from the trails and a chance to engage with the broader community.

Learning & Improvement

  • Guidance and Support: For newcomers, Trail Hero is a fantastic opportunity to learn from seasoned off-roaders. Trail leaders and fellow participants are usually more than willing to share tips and help you navigate difficult spots.
  • Skill Building: With each trail, you’ll gain confidence and improve your off-roading skills. The event is a safe environment to push your boundaries and learn more about your vehicle’s capabilities.

Preparation & Safety

  • Vehicle Readiness: Ensure your vehicle is prepared for the demands of the trails. This includes proper maintenance and any necessary modifications for safety and performance.
  • Safety First: The event emphasizes safety, with rules and guidelines to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time. Listen to trail leaders, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed.

Environment Respect

  • Tread Lightly: Trail Hero promotes responsible off-roading. Attendees are encouraged to respect the land, stick to designated trails, and leave no trace to preserve the natural beauty of the area.
  • Community Impact: Often, events within Trail Hero are organized to give back to the community or support environmental causes. Participating in these events can make your experience even more rewarding.
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